The Ultimate Cougar Dating Guide 2021

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So you have a hankering for dating a cougar.  A cub is a young man looking to date an older woman while a cougar looks to date a younger man. Cougar dating in 2021 has picked up, and here are some cougar dating tips in 2021. Sugar momma apps are more relevant during COVID_19.

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Unmasking a cub and a cougar

A cougar is an older and confident woman in her 30-50’s, a cub is an energetic man in his 20’s. Cougars look for physical relationships, so is a cub who desires sexual gratification with a cougar in bed.

What is a cougar?

Cougars are women in their 30-50’s who prefer dating energetic and fun younger men. A cougar can still be in her 20’s where there is a 1o year gap with the cub. Cougars are very confident and enthusiastic women with a lot of energy. They spend hours in the gym and maintain their good looks and figure. Cougars are financially very stable and do not seek a younger man with a lot of money because their companionship is more important than stacks of money. Cougars have low egos and do not feel privileged. In the bedroom, cougars are very energetic, experienced, and sexually active. If you think that your college sweetheart has taught you a thing or two, throw it out of the window because of the superior sex techniques of cougars.

Why should you date a cougar?

Over the last 10 years or so, the proliferation of dating sites has made it easy for cubs and cougars to hook up and establish meaningful relationships. It is extremely easy to meet cougars on dating sites.  The most important benefits of dating a cougar are their lack of sexual inhibition and they are extremely active sexually. Cougars have very little time to play games with cubs, they don’t beat about the bush and get straight to the sex. Also, cougars know how to treat a man with respect and sexual and mental maturity.

A cub will prefer a cougar for a one-night stand as well as quick hookups as cougars are very experienced and sexually active and talented in bed. Beyond one-night stands, cubs and cougar relationships can exceed one-night affairs as communication between them is better, there is less drama and cubs feel like a man in cougar company.

Why do cougars like young men?

The cougar will benefit enormously from a relationship with a cub as they do not carry the mental baggage for older men. Cougars will love the energy and excitement of cubs, and they look out for younger men who take care of their bodies as well. An older cougar will love the excitement and energy that a cub brings to the bed.

Spotting cougars

She is a cougar that is looking for a quick sex session in the bedroom. She tends to think like a guy and picks the most attractive cubs for sex. She will prefer men who stay in shape, hit the gym, and have substantial stamina in the bed.

Another type of cougar

 This type o cougar is on the lookout for relationships as well as dating. For her, sex is not the main thing and she is much more open to a meaningful relationship with a cub. However, the second type of cougar is also extremely experienced in bed and looks to spend the night with a younger cub. The most important distinction is that she is open to long-term relationships.

How to spot a cougar

Cougars will dress much younger than their age permits. Ti is because she is attracting cubs of a younger generation. They will wear skirts with low cuts and tight clothing. This helps to attract a cub from a distance. As a cub, you might think that you are talking to a 20-year-old, but closer inspection of her face tells a different story. Cougars are also smokers and initiate conversations by asking the cub to light a cigarette for them. Asking for a lighter is a good conversation starter. Sometimes cougars will hang out in groups with other cougars, it may be due to the fact that they are divorced and can act as wing-women for each other.

Places to meet cougars

There happen to be three primary places to meet cougars- the gym, bar, and online. Meeting a cougar online is the best option, there are many websites that serve cougars as well as cub dating and are hands down winners for the dating game

6 Useful dating tips for writing a perfect profile on cougar dating app

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Looking forward to having a fun time and a deep relationship with a cougar? Then you have come to the right place. Getting an ideal cougar to date you can be a challenge, especially if you do not have the perfect profile. Having a perfect profile should be on top of your list to impress the right cougar woman for you. If you do not give the correct profile, then you may come up with a cougar date who does not have similar interests and understanding.

It is very vital that both you and your cougar woman is in sync with feelings, interests, and understanding of each other’s desires. This will enable the two of you to have a fun-filled and pleasurable experience.

Impressive photos:

The first thing about your cougar dating profile is that it should have a very impressive photo of you. Dress to kill on for your profile picture and it should also be one which is high in clarity. If you are a handsome man or a beautiful cougar woman with special features and assets then it is best to focus on them while at the same time taking in the big picture. Your profile picture should be one that should make you look fascinating, charming, humorous and a jovial person.

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Lay emphasis on your lifestyle and the relationship that you are looking out for:

Your profile picture and profile can also show all about your lifestyle. Give the viewers the impression that you are of a good background and live a cool and fun lifestyle. Show them that you are funny, outgoing, creative, and affectionate to the opposite sex. Your profile should show your intellect, hidden talents as well as that charming personality of yours.

Mention the desirable characteristics that you look for in your partner:

Make sure that you mention in your profile that you are looking forward to having a fun time with. It should have characteristics of all the traits that you desire when you bond with your cougar or younger man. Don’t make your desirable traits specific and fixed points. Make it appear generalized. And most certainly never list traits like how a cougar or toy boy should dress up, appear, height, weight, body type, education and other interests. After all, it’s their choice and their life!

When you make a mention of a desirable partner, it should be the values and lifestyle that you look for in a cougar or toy boy.

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Don’t just tell, show it to them:

When you state in your profile that you are a traveling freak or an adventurous person who loves to explore, then you need to show the viewers that you really mean it and not just bluffing. When they find that the pictures of you match with that of your profile information, then it creates a kind of trust and gets them bonding with you mentally even before they have even met you in person. They will be all the more thrilled and eagerly look forward to meeting you.

Cheesy but decent:

Let your best cougar dating profile give your viewers the impression that you are a cheesy one! Show off your assets to the point where they remain decent. This will keep the viewer interested and looking forward to getting to the goods. It is always good to get the mind of your viewer churning of what it might be if the two of you meet and bonded together. When all of your assets are revealed in the beginning there is no thrills and allure reflected out.

For example, show off your toned legs and arms if that is the best part. But let’s not have a slit which even shows off your underwear. Your pictures put up on the profile should be all decent with hints of the sexiness which is unique to you, revealed. Know how to use cougar dating app decently!

Spelling and grammar are a big turn off!

Yeah, that’s right! Your spelling and grammar to play a very vital role in getting you the perfect cougar or toy boy. Make sure that your spelling and grammar are perfect when giving a description of yourself on the cougar dating app. Bad spelling, grammar, and even punctuation marks indicate that you are actually not what you are revealing to the viewer. There is a doubt created in the mind of the viewer and there will be no trust.

Wrong spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes can also be construed wrongly in the minds of the viewers. Spellings and grammar also indicate that you come from a good lifestyle and background and make you an ideal choice amongst all the rest of the profiles.

How To Get More Dates On Cougar Dating App?

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Dating a cougar or an older woman can be tricky job. Cougar hook up on a virtual platform like older women dating app is easy as compared to actual dating or meeting the woman in person. Young men end up making stupid mistakes due to their gullibility and ignorance and the cougar women usually show them a red flag. If you are looking forward to hook up with cougars and don’t have requisite experience or expertise for the job then the following tips can come quite handy for you. Just follow these tips so that you don’t end up saying or doing wrong thing at a wrong place and cougars start moving away from you.

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Tips to get more dates on a cougar dating app!

  • First and foremost thing a man has to understand is that cougars are no desperate women looking for anyone or everyone to hook with. They are usually smart and intelligent women looking forward to have some fun with young boys. It is important to create a profile which shows that you not only have high self esteem but you also respect self esteem of others. Have a good physical as well as intellectual personality so that you don’t fall short of topics to talk at when you actually meet the cougar in person.
  • Women and especially cougars hate self obsessed men. Make sure you don’t seem to be too self obsesses with your own looks and intelligence. On the contrary you give equal importance to her being, achievements and feelings. At the time of virtual chatting on the dating app or even on the first formal or informal meet don’t hesitate to compliment the woman about her looks, persona, qualifications, work, smile or any other thing you find charming about her. Make sure you are giving equal importance to her choice while selecting the place of meet or while ordering the food. It will definitely earn you good name in the cougar society.
  • Think out of the box and you will see many cougars are attracted towards you. It is not necessary that you meet every cougar in a bar or a club. Depending on the woman you can even take her to different places such as a silent restaurant for candle light dinner, or a book store, movie, golf game or just a normal evening spent at the park. It is not necessary all the cougars are party animals and some of them are simply in search of a partner to spend quality time with.
  • There is no rule book for dating. Your experience teaches you and you become a pro in the game. It is not necessary that a person gets success in the very first attempt. You have to keep on trying. Your previous experiences will give you fair idea about things t be avoided or incorporated in the next rendezvous. Just keep your strengths and weaknesses in mind and you will definitely get lot of dates with cougars. 

Cougar Life

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cougar life

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>>>Open iTunes to buy and download apps

The world of dating has indeed been strongly influenced by the advent of technology. More and more people are signing up for online dating platforms that get them closer to the people they can be with. And if you are a cougar in this regard, you will stumble upon the best in the business on these cougar dating apps. We bring you one such app that goes by the name of Cougar Life presented by Cougar Life Inc. To give you an idea of how effective this app is, let us tell you that the site is home to about 5 million members and a new one joining every 20 seconds. Studies show that this is one of the fastest growing cougar dating websites.

What is the secret behind the success of Cougar Life?

Cougar life has always managed to reach out to people and connect the ones that have a chance together. Through an extensive search process, it has managed to keep the members happy and content. But there is one other reason why so many people choose this dating app over the others. This can be attributed to the fact that this app is absolutely free for women. Yes, if you are a woman, looking to date a younger man on this platform, you could benefit from all the different features at no cost whatsoever! On the other hand, if you are a man looking to date a cougar, then you can have the features free for a limited time and also get to send messages to 3 women at no cost! This is why this portal attracts a lot of people on a regular basis.

Features of the Cougar life dating app

Apart from the fact that it is absolutely free for women, Cougar life also has some exciting features that might attract the users. Let us have a look.

  • Chat:This is the most important feature since the members can get along with each other through this option. The more they talk, the higher their chances of getting together.
  • Send flirts:This is a lighthearted option that allows the users to flirt a little with their potential dates.
  • See new members:This is important to expand your horizon and reach out to more people.
  • Private photos:Photographs make the first impression. So this ought to be good. You can send private photos to impress the potential dates.
  • Check who has recently viewed your profile:This gives you a big advantage of tracking the people who might be showing some interest in you!

Active members on Cougar Life

From the benefits offered by the app, there is no doubt that there are numerous members on this portal and it becomes a little easier to connect with someone. As we mentioned before, there are over 5 million people who have bestowed their trust on this app and every 20 seconds there is a new one doing the same. Now, the question is who are these people? Firstly, let us talk about the women. These include people who are recently divorced, single mothers trying to get some excitement, people stuck at home or even single women at the prime of their youth who are hoping for a new adventure. This forms quite a huge range of people engaged on this site. Now, let us move over to the men. What kind of men are these? Anyone looking to date the women we spoke about is welcome to join the site. This is how wide the member’s galore is and chances are high that you come across someone special on this app.

Subscriptions on Cougar Life

The next most important topic we have to deal with its subscriptions on the app. The first subscription that you make is an in-app purchase that is connected with your iTunes account. Thereafter, all subsequent subscriptions including renewal of membership will be charged from your account, depending on the type of subscription chosen. Also, if you don’t want your account to get renewed every time automatically, you could disable the feature. Here are some ideas about the available subscription:

  • One month subscription : $49.99

You many choose to auto renew it after every one month or you can do it at your own convenience.

  • Three month subscription: $ 99.99

This is the more convenient offer where you pay an amount for three months in advance and do not need to worry about the next 90 days. Once again, you can either let it get renewed on its own, or you can do it yourself.

Privacy and safety

When you are on Cougar Life, you can be completely secured with regards to your privacy. If you want to keep your profile away from public searches, you can do that. Also, you could block people who might be disturbing you and also send private pictures instead of posting them publicly. However, this app comes with no ID verification.

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