Would Cougars Enjoy Shower Sex?

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So you’ve hooked up with a cougar using the best cougar dating app. For any cougar dating cub, knowing when your hookup with a cougar is going to get wild and steamy, is a difficult matter. Shower sex tends to break the monotony because it is unique. Let us take a closer look at it.

shower sex with cougar

Shower sex is one of the things that we have all fantasized but it is a tricky thing to pull off because of many factors. There are different heights for the partaking individuals, different builds, as well as slippery surfaces which can turn out to be health and safety hazards when shower sex is thrown into the mix. But when you do succeed at it, the results are very hot indeed.

Having sex in the shower is a wonderful way to break up the routine of ‘normal sex’, for example, sex on the bed or sofa or even a countertop. The sensation of having hot or cool water running down your body while you’re engaged in making love is exciting in a completely different way.

A cougar can get her cub into the shower first and then cover him in shower gel. The cub can also be told to sit in the room and be teased for a couple of minutes as he watches the cougar lather herself up.  He can be called over when you’ve finished teasing him. We often underestimate the beauty of our bodies and a session of sex in the shower can wash that notion away.

The best position for shower sex is the doggy style hands down. If you do have a shower, then the best style is a bending over standing position. Just put one foot up on the edge or have him hold your leg, as you bend forward, supporting yourself on the wall. Tell him to hold your hips as he’s doing his thing so he can pull you towards him for deeper penetration. This will iron out any differences in height and also make sure that both of you have a great time with each other.

One problem with shower sex is being the right height for him to enter you without having to balance (fearing for your life) on the edge of the shower. There are sex steps available at stores that can equal your height and make it easier for you.

Spanking is hot enough as it is. What makes it even hotter is if you can pull it off in the shower. From the POV of the cougar, get him to suds you down in the shower, massaging every inch of your body in the warm water, without touching any of your most private parts. Then, turn away from him, still standing, and put your hands against the wall. 

Next, jut out your ass into the stream of the warm water and have him spank you with his bare hands until you tell him to stop. The combination of your wet ass, the feel of the water and the sound of the wet slap will be a huge turn on for both of you. From here he can do whatever he wants, we’re more than sure you’ll be ready.

A good session of sex is always likely when there’s a cougar around. And if you can manage to titillate her when she wants it the most, nothing like it. One word of caution is that water is not a good lube, and you need to purchase a lube that is silicone based. Apart from this, you’re all set for it. Rest assured, she’ll enjoy it!

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