The Ultimate Cougar Dating Guide 2021

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So you have a hankering for dating a cougar.  A cub is a young man looking to date an older woman while a cougar looks to date a younger man. Cougar dating in 2021 has picked up, and here are some cougar dating tips in 2021. Sugar momma apps are more relevant during COVID_19.

a cougar with a cub covering with musk

Unmasking a cub and a cougar

A cougar is an older and confident woman in her 30-50’s, a cub is an energetic man in his 20’s. Cougars look for physical relationships, so is a cub who desires sexual gratification with a cougar in bed.

What is a cougar?

Cougars are women in their 30-50’s who prefer dating energetic and fun younger men. A cougar can still be in her 20’s where there is a 1o year gap with the cub. Cougars are very confident and enthusiastic women with a lot of energy. They spend hours in the gym and maintain their good looks and figure. Cougars are financially very stable and do not seek a younger man with a lot of money because their companionship is more important than stacks of money. Cougars have low egos and do not feel privileged. In the bedroom, cougars are very energetic, experienced, and sexually active. If you think that your college sweetheart has taught you a thing or two, throw it out of the window because of the superior sex techniques of cougars.

Why should you date a cougar?

Over the last 10 years or so, the proliferation of dating sites has made it easy for cubs and cougars to hook up and establish meaningful relationships. It is extremely easy to meet cougars on dating sites.  The most important benefits of dating a cougar are their lack of sexual inhibition and they are extremely active sexually. Cougars have very little time to play games with cubs, they don’t beat about the bush and get straight to the sex. Also, cougars know how to treat a man with respect and sexual and mental maturity.

A cub will prefer a cougar for a one-night stand as well as quick hookups as cougars are very experienced and sexually active and talented in bed. Beyond one-night stands, cubs and cougar relationships can exceed one-night affairs as communication between them is better, there is less drama and cubs feel like a man in cougar company.

Why do cougars like young men?

The cougar will benefit enormously from a relationship with a cub as they do not carry the mental baggage for older men. Cougars will love the energy and excitement of cubs, and they look out for younger men who take care of their bodies as well. An older cougar will love the excitement and energy that a cub brings to the bed.

Spotting cougars

She is a cougar that is looking for a quick sex session in the bedroom. She tends to think like a guy and picks the most attractive cubs for sex. She will prefer men who stay in shape, hit the gym, and have substantial stamina in the bed.

Another type of cougar

 This type o cougar is on the lookout for relationships as well as dating. For her, sex is not the main thing and she is much more open to a meaningful relationship with a cub. However, the second type of cougar is also extremely experienced in bed and looks to spend the night with a younger cub. The most important distinction is that she is open to long-term relationships.

How to spot a cougar

Cougars will dress much younger than their age permits. Ti is because she is attracting cubs of a younger generation. They will wear skirts with low cuts and tight clothing. This helps to attract a cub from a distance. As a cub, you might think that you are talking to a 20-year-old, but closer inspection of her face tells a different story. Cougars are also smokers and initiate conversations by asking the cub to light a cigarette for them. Asking for a lighter is a good conversation starter. Sometimes cougars will hang out in groups with other cougars, it may be due to the fact that they are divorced and can act as wing-women for each other.

Places to meet cougars

There happen to be three primary places to meet cougars- the gym, bar, and online. Meeting a cougar online is the best option, there are many websites that serve cougars as well as cub dating and are hands down winners for the dating game