6 Useful dating tips for writing a perfect profile on cougar dating app

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Looking forward to having a fun time and a deep relationship with a cougar? Then you have come to the right place. Getting an ideal cougar to date you can be a challenge, especially if you do not have the perfect profile. Having a perfect profile should be on top of your list to impress the right cougar woman for you. If you do not give the correct profile, then you may come up with a cougar date who does not have similar interests and understanding.

It is very vital that both you and your cougar woman is in sync with feelings, interests, and understanding of each other’s desires. This will enable the two of you to have a fun-filled and pleasurable experience.

Impressive photos:

The first thing about your cougar dating profile is that it should have a very impressive photo of you. Dress to kill on for your profile picture and it should also be one which is high in clarity. If you are a handsome man or a beautiful cougar woman with special features and assets then it is best to focus on them while at the same time taking in the big picture. Your profile picture should be one that should make you look fascinating, charming, humorous and a jovial person.

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Lay emphasis on your lifestyle and the relationship that you are looking out for:

Your profile picture and profile can also show all about your lifestyle. Give the viewers the impression that you are of a good background and live a cool and fun lifestyle. Show them that you are funny, outgoing, creative, and affectionate to the opposite sex. Your profile should show your intellect, hidden talents as well as that charming personality of yours.

Mention the desirable characteristics that you look for in your partner:

Make sure that you mention in your profile that you are looking forward to having a fun time with. It should have characteristics of all the traits that you desire when you bond with your cougar or younger man. Don’t make your desirable traits specific and fixed points. Make it appear generalized. And most certainly never list traits like how a cougar or toy boy should dress up, appear, height, weight, body type, education and other interests. After all, it’s their choice and their life!

When you make a mention of a desirable partner, it should be the values and lifestyle that you look for in a cougar or toy boy.

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Don’t just tell, show it to them:

When you state in your profile that you are a traveling freak or an adventurous person who loves to explore, then you need to show the viewers that you really mean it and not just bluffing. When they find that the pictures of you match with that of your profile information, then it creates a kind of trust and gets them bonding with you mentally even before they have even met you in person. They will be all the more thrilled and eagerly look forward to meeting you.

Cheesy but decent:

Let your best cougar dating profile give your viewers the impression that you are a cheesy one! Show off your assets to the point where they remain decent. This will keep the viewer interested and looking forward to getting to the goods. It is always good to get the mind of your viewer churning of what it might be if the two of you meet and bonded together. When all of your assets are revealed in the beginning there is no thrills and allure reflected out.

For example, show off your toned legs and arms if that is the best part. But let’s not have a slit which even shows off your underwear. Your pictures put up on the profile should be all decent with hints of the sexiness which is unique to you, revealed. Know how to use cougar dating app decently!

Spelling and grammar are a big turn off!

Yeah, that’s right! Your spelling and grammar to play a very vital role in getting you the perfect cougar or toy boy. Make sure that your spelling and grammar are perfect when giving a description of yourself on the cougar dating app. Bad spelling, grammar, and even punctuation marks indicate that you are actually not what you are revealing to the viewer. There is a doubt created in the mind of the viewer and there will be no trust.

Wrong spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes can also be construed wrongly in the minds of the viewers. Spellings and grammar also indicate that you come from a good lifestyle and background and make you an ideal choice amongst all the rest of the profiles.

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